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Born in Hamburg, Germany, 1956. Jan Reetze lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his wife.

Sound engineering traineeship at Alster Studios, Hamburg. Co-founder of Waves Light Show, Hamburg. Later studied Sociology at University of Hamburg, subsidiary subjects: Political Science, Journalism, Social and Economic History, Systematic Musicology. 1989 to 1992 postgraduate scholarship from Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. 1992 doctorate from University of Hamburg for The Reality of Media.

Freelance writings for book, radio and screenplay since 1987. Radio features and docus for NDR Radio and Deutschlandfunk, mainly about music, art topics, media history and media research. Screenplays for crime series and a court show, storylines for a daily soap. Book publications. 1995 stay in London for one year. 2012 ScholarScript Screenplay Award from Millbrook Pictures, Berlin.

Besides this several jobs: Project management at Prisma polling institute, Hamburg, collaboration on a research project at University of Hamburg, Institute for Sociology. Freelance collaborator at Erdenklang Music Publishing; media work for independent record labels in the Electronic and Gothic scene. 2004 to 2008 producer and managing partner at Sternklang Musik (music publishing and audio book production) in Tornesch near Hamburg. Relocated to the United States in 2008.